Metal Printing Is Trending!

Metal Printing Is Trending!

Tommy Chen
by Tommy Chen
May 25, 2020
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OK, so we have this new obsession with metal prints that we must share with you – we promise it’ll be worth it! A metal print is a super cool product that helps you preserve your artworks in a more chic and sleek way. Exciting, right?! Most people would naturally think of framing when preserving their artworks. Metal printing is a more popular option these days due to its aesthetic. This product can be more costly depending on the size, of course. Let’s explore the awesomeness of metal printing! 

Metal printing is a new, modern way to infuse ink into specially crafted metal sheets. The metal sheets are coated with aluminum. The infusion of ink into the aluminum sheets is what gives your photograph or artwork a magical glow – we love this part! The best parts of getting a metal print is that the aluminum sheets are extremely durable, weatherproof, scratch resistant, and are super easy to clean. Sounds amazing to us! Metal prints are best kept out of direct sunlight – the ink dyes will fade in the sun. However, you can have your metal sheet be made of Performance EXT metal, which extends the life of the artwork by 2-3 years when in direct sunlight before fading starts. We know, it’s pretty cool, huh?!

You can customize your metal print to have sharp, slightly curved, or ultra curved edges. You will also have the option to choose a finish that best compliments the photograph or artwork. Your options are: High Gloss (popular); Mid-Gloss; Satin; Sheer Glossy; and Sheer Matte (popular). For hanging/displaying you have these options: Float Mount Hanger; ¾” Inset Frame (very popular); Stainless Steel Metal Posts; and Exhibit Mounts. Check out this Prince metal print that collage artist, Kristi Abbott acquired from a collector to resell. Titled “Prince II – the 90’s Version”. It’s truly an exquisite abstract portrait with a semi-gloss finish, and hung using a ¾” inset frame with a wire. The artwork’s still available for purchase. Contact Kristi on IG @kristiartist1 or email for more details.

We are now proud to offer this new, exhilarating product to everyone! We print in many sizes, standard or custom, from 4” x 4” to 48” x 96”. We ship metal prints in crates for superior protection. Different corner styles, finishes, and display/hanging options. Customized to perfection, always! Contact us via email at for more information, pricing, or general questions. We look forward to working with you!

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