Printing can be fun.

Cloud Printing is a professional printing studio. We offer high-quality products and services with affordable prices. We are growing, step by step, prosperously. We believe that printing is an enjoyable experience. Just let us take care of your printing jobs so you can enjoy the beauty of your work.

We are growing rapidly and professional

Starting a business and managing to survive in highly competitive printing industry are challenging. Yet we are born to challenges. Took our first step on the land of Manhattan in 2013, we walked all the way through prudentially, proudly, and progressively. With our two stores located in downtown Manhattan, we have solid confidence to provide best products and services to our distinguished customers. However, just like the saying, “a real hero is silent about his past glories”. We stand strong but we never stand still. We are always ready for innovations and new challenges. This is what we do. This is Cloud Printing.

We get our business done.

Printing is fun. Just load up with some papers and hit the button. Boom! You start to enjoy gorgeous textures and images. It’s that satisfying. But sometimes, printing can be painful. You get inks in your hands and have no idea how to design and what to print. Just relax. We are here to help.

In Cloud Printing, our businesslike professionals are ready to take care of your work. Let us print for your business and help you find out solutions. We are dedicated to present world-class products and services that meet your expectations.

We take care of our customers.

Cloud Printing provides integrated service packages, ranging from solo printing jobs to a combination of designing, consulting, and printing. Our competitive skills, friendly services and professional attitudes to our customers are major reasons why we stand. We take care of our customers by offering high-quality competitive products with affordable prices. We also cherish our relationships with distinguished customers. From customer feedback survey to product caring services, we want to make sure that we put smile on every customer’s face. How nice!

Our customers LOVE us.

I truly trust this place. They come through ASAP when you need them. I highly recommend this business.- Jaycob D.
These guys are AMAZING! I have been using them for about one year for multiple businesses! Not only are their prices incredibly reasonable but the whole team there is wonderful!- Angela A.
I have now used Cloud Printing for 10 or 11 print jobs in the last six months and each time they have done a fantastic job.Forget the internet business card websites! These guys are professional, quick, high quality, economical and a local business. - Joy Q.
These guys did such a great job of printing my baby shower invitations. Even though it was only a small job Tom treated it with such importance and were so professional. They were less than half the price of major stationers like The Enveloper and Paper Presentation, and much higher quality.- Jess N.
I like cloud printing's selection of design. Unlike most of the place, cloud printing's design is always outstanding, modem, and it delivers my message clearly.- Tony Y.
This place is definitely the best one in NY. I love their service, quality and price! They are very considerable for their consumers! They took care of us very well, very patience to all of our requirements!- Xinyuan Z.

Invigorating your works in minutes.

Come print with us. Through our hassle-free process, you can get your work done nice and quick.


Talk to one of our customer specialists and place your order.


Our art consultants will review your order and work with you in designing.


Our professionals will take care of printing jobs.


Once complete, we will package and ship your orders worldwide.

We care our partners.


CleanIU is one of many partners that we corporate. During our collaboration process, we worked closely with CleanIU and provided multiple professional services, including logo design, website UI design, App Store preview design, photographing, printing, and market analyzing.

Logo Design

Check out this beautifully-crafted Logo. Our art consultants are dedicated to present professional logo design solutions.

Website UI Design

Cloud Printing is not just a printing shop. We provide various services, including website UI design and mobile APP development. Our team are highly experienced in website programming and development. We proudly developed the official website and official APP of CleanIU.

Professional Photographing

We provide advanced photographing solutions to our business partners. Our photographers work cordially with our business partners in order to maximize performances and results.

Market Analysis

We understand challenges that startup companies may face during their ways to success. Therefore, as a responsive company, we provide comprehensive market analysis service to our business partners.

Business Partners

We are not alone. Our business partners cover multiple industries.

Reaching us is easy.





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New York, NY 10001

Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm